Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Battle for One Tree Hill: revisited

Alright so today D and myself finally threw down against each other over at Legends in cupertino. The mood was light and the game was fun, and above all else we made it to turn five. The deployment type was spearhead, with three objectives on a 4x8 table.

Turn one see's me seizing the initiative and choosing to go first. I move my tanks from their deployment position out into the open where they can range the Eldar which at this point are hugging the hill vary tightly. My Medusa is not ranged and must be moved out of cover. The IG start off strong launching a barrage against the entrenched Dire Avengers which where attempting to contest the objective on the hill.

Above is the results of the top of turn one. Both the Earth shaker and the Russ Battle cannon being backed up by my Eradicator laid down a punishing barrage of fire and basically wiping out a full third of D's Avengers and taking the Eldar out of the objective point putting me in the lead. The bottom of turn one consisted mostly of D moving his Dire Avengers (off screen) into cover and moving what was left of his guardians up towards the objective.

The top of turn two finds my short range artillery coming into range and the IG infantry moving up into the narrow corridor between the imperial ruins effectively setting up a firing lane for any of the eldar that might try and assault the IG dug in to the objective in the ruins. After a short movement phase the artillery opens up again this time obliterating a good chunk of guardians (actually they where all killed down to a single man) As you can see above a good deal of fire dragons also took some of the heat. After the artillery finished the IG opened up again with Lascannon fire and successfully penning and blowing up one of the Falcons and taking half its compliment of fire dragons along with it, effectively limiting the anti armor capability's of the Eldar.

Skipping ahead to turn three we find D making a stand and losing another Falcon for his trouble, this time falling to a combination of tank fire and Lascannon's while artillery pound the remainder of his Dire Avengers and Fire Dragons. Having cast fortune prior to the Falcon blowing up, the Seer and his Warlocks survived the explosion and deployed in front of my tank squad and threw a few well placed singing spears into my Storm Troopers, and managing to pick off one trooper before turning their attention on my tanks.

The Warlock assault hits home and obliterates my Eradicator. Now at the top of turn four we find the Warlocks caught between two very angry tanks and a squad of storm troopers sporting a heavy flamer and a grenade launcher. You can see above the end result, and while D's warlocks made a bold and selfless move and managed to raise my heart rate for a moment, all where brutally slaughtered under the fusillade of Las fire and punisher rounds.

So turn five saw D's seer blown apart (if you couldn't see that one coming) and a lone Dire Avenger struggling to the objective point, some how making it through two artillery barrages and tank fire. The IG did their best to keep the Eldar away from the second objective, but alas this lone bad ass managed to climb up the hill and tie up the game in the bottom of turn five.

So that's it. The game was fast and intense and on more then one occasion the balance of power changed hands, only to be brutally snatched back by the other side. Over all a great game and I cant wait till our 2000 point game on Friday, so until then happy gaming all.


BH Senior Editor

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