Thursday, June 10, 2010

Short supplies and cold feet at GW

For the second week in a row Games Workshop has been out of chimera kits all the way up to the production level. I can only guess how this is affecting retailers, but every thing seems to be business as usual. So first off why bring this up, well for one its been awhile since GW has been back ordered on a current kit, not to mention a new kit. The current shortage leads me to believe that in a cautious and shortsighted act by marketing GW tried to play it safe in a fluctuating market and in the end came up short when the global economic tides started to settle. Or they just didn't predict how popular the new kits would be and just ran out.

The new fire prism/Night Spinner kit has yet to be bumped up to its new price of $57.50. Could this mean that GW got cold feet on the price increase? It is possible that someone saw the potential to (mind the pun) alienate its customer base by providing a vehicle kit with less options then any other kit currently in the gw product line (if you doubt me look at any IG or SM vehicle kits and count the options vs the price) $60 for a land raider or $50 for a russ that comes with all manner of turrets is more approachable then a kit with only two variants on what is essentially the same frame as its predecessor. But only time will tell weather or not the price recension is permanent, I for one hope so, it would be a shame to scare away the younger crowd of eldar players.


  1. GW's price increase was so poorly done on the webstore that it makes me wonder if someone forgot. Took about 2 days for most of the prices to be changed in waves. I guess they do not know how to use their database properly to get a timed replacement programed in.

  2. well ive been waiting for the sanguinary priests to be done up and ive been waiting for a couple of months now, and it still says 4-5 weeks for it...