Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E3 Explosion

This year E3 has brought us some stunning announcements. THQ's Dark Millennium is topping the charts on the blog circuit and Space Marine for the 360 is making the rounds yet again, but there is so much more. Nintendo steals the show with the latest flavor of their popular handheld series with the 3DS, the first handheld device to have active 3D rendering without the need for those dorky glasses.

Not only are we seeing new hardware this year, but we where also shown a slew of new titles and the next line up for some familiar faces (I cant wait for the new red faction) So after your done drooling over Dark Millennium (and crying yourself to sleep after you see the release date) check out some of the other titles, some will be out as early as this September, while others linger on the distant horizon. All in all its been a good season for game announcements, this coupled with the pre release of 8th edition is making for quite an exciting weekend.


BH Senior Editor

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