Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Citadel Paint pots: Confirmed

Sources at GW have indicated that the new clear plastic resealable paint pots will be released. Now we can look forward to an era of GW paints that are not going to dry out after 6 months (or pots that are designed to let paints dry out after said period) The picture above has made the rounds before, but up until now it was any ones guess as to their validity, but now after some comments from a GW rep who will remain anonymous its becoming more likely that those are the real thing.

Now for some bad news. Games Workshop already has paint, a lot of paint. So until the current inventory of older style pots are liquidated the new product wont be hitting the racks. As a matter of fact the only way to get the new style pots will be in the GW basic paint set (currently unavailable while they make the switch) So until the current inventory runs out, we will be stuck buying up the rest of the old style pots until GW feels its safe enough to release the new ones.

This is of course based solely off of observations and comments and is in no way 100% accurate so leave some room for speculation, but keep an eye out, its possible we could see the new pots out by as early as September if not sooner.


BH Senior Editor

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