Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stall in the Hall: Apoc Battle Report (In HD)

So D and myself where joined by a few of the usual suspects for a pick up 20,000 point game over at Legends, then Ian showed up and I found myself pulling out some guard pieces for another IG player that showed up and as the following pictures and commentary will show, things quickly spiraled out of control from there. So read on for a tail of suspense and poor planning, as well as some super cool pics.

Alright so here we are at turn one, The imperials are fielding roughly 5000 pts each. Ian's blood angels are all in reserve minus the armor above. D's fielded a number of super heavies including his new Revenant and the tempests. And our ork war boss has as usual tabled to hoard, things are indeed looking bleak for the imperial forces.

The top half of turn one See's the orks making a mad dash into no mans land, a move that ultimately ended in several ork buggies turbo boosting into each other and generally causing a few good natured laughs about the event. Ork forces move up to support the forward push which consisted mainly of Boyz and trukks. The Imperial forces counter with heavy artillery, pounding the Orks mob of Kan's while Ian's blood angels make a valiant if not short sighted armored thrust into the oncoming hoard. The Land Raider crusader laid down some impressive fire sending more then a few Boyz to the side table while the IGs Shadow Sword bored into the Revenant, narrowly shaving off a structure point and effectively limping the nimble titan. D's Eldar didn't really do much in turn one, mostly just maneuvered into a support position flanking the orks.

Turn two saw Ian gone (as in literally) and I found myself in charge of a list and an army which I knew vary little about and left facing an angry mess of fists and guns. As the above picture shows (and if you where a observant lad) that the land raider was forcibly moved a fair distance away from its starting location. The ork stompa scored a direct hit with its lifta droppa arm and casually tossed that thing around like a soda can in a hurricane. The initial idea was that the falling land raider would be used to wipe out the Furioso Dreadnought sitting there, alas that was the one part of the story that ended well, the LR was disabled but the Dred survived the Dorthy treatment. Other shots from the ork Flash gitz rained down on the IG's tanks but again we got a lucky break from the dice gods and survived the hail of super accelerated grotz. The Eldar got in the game with flinging a few wild shots towards the imperial lines, which again mercifully fell short.

The bottom of turn two saw some very angry moves by Imperial forces. Starting with IG Hellhounds out flanking a dug in lot of Ork Lobbas, the crater above was full of them prior to the arrival of said hellhounds. Again IG artillery pummels the forward Ork lines and (in my mind anyways) rending apart flesh and bone and sending up showers of orky goodness, but to little effect, the orks just consolidate and the surge pushes forward into the waiting guns of the guard.

For the blood angels turn I simply used the ancient chess strategy, take your most powerful piece and beat the other player with it until things start to die (I was in a state that I would say is the closest a conscious person can come to being in a waking coma) so my tactics at that point involved abusing Ian's poor sanguinary guard. And abuse them I did, they smashed apart the straggled remains of a fragmented squad of mek boyz and shredded D's striking scorpions (and where promptly taken from behind by the Wraithguard) but as frustrated and short sighted moves go this was one of my more successful ones. By this point the titans at both sides had been taking pot shots at each other and neither really doing much other then harassing the infantry.

This is at about 6 pm and all of us are quite hot and bothered by now due to a mixture of getting off to a late start and the game basically dragging along. In a final act of destruction the Stompa blasted apart all 30 of Ian's death company and several assault marines. The IG also took some hits loosing a chunk of infantry to ork guns. The game essentially ended in a stalemate, with no declared objectives and neither side really having lost enough units to call an even victory,

So that pretty much sums things up, what follows are some other pictures of cool stuff which I grabbed early on during the battle.

(This I thought was rather nifty)

Well that's about it for now. Hope you enjoy the ample pics and commentary.

Happy Gaming

BH Senior Editor

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