Monday, June 28, 2010

Clash of the Titans: Good version

So yet again D and myself (and another innocent bystander) found ourselves bashing the crap out of each other in what can only be described as a masculine bought of violence and dice infused rage. On a related note we also got to play a 5k point Apocalypse game. So read on to find out how it went.

So turn one see's my shadowsword blown off the table, and a manticore obliterated by a stray psy-cannon blast. The rest of D's turn was taken up by taking pot shots at my Baneblade and attempting to take chunks out of Dan's Reaver. Not shown above is the chimera holding my Kasrkin and my two Medusa's standing in for earth shakers.

So as you might imagine this game came down to the super heavies slugging it out in what can only be described as a viscous stand off. The bottom of turn one and the imperials launched a wave of sentinels equipped with auto cannons, the first volley met with little success. Next the Reaver opened up on D's phantom, and thanks to that damn Warlock fortuning everything in sight, wound up doing jack all that turn. The Baneblade opened up and didn't fare much better then the Reaver. The Russ squad also met with failure. Turn ends with the imperium down one super heavy and no objectives taken.

Skipping ahead to the bottom of turn two, we find that yet again the Imperium has suffered the loss of more armor at the hands of the Eldar war engines. Again Dan and I attempt another armored push only to find our shots being shrugged aside by that damn fortune rule.

So here is where things start to get interesting. Again skipping ahead to the bottom of the next turn (D spent the top half of turn three stripping the void shields off of the Reaver) The Baneblade has managed to kneecap the phantom, getting one weapon destroyed result, Dan followed that up by causing some structural damage.

The victory is short lived. The eldar titans manage to cripple the lone Reaver, taking out a weapon arm and stripping its void shields away. The Warlock also went on to destroy a squad of Kasrkin and the phantom tore up a few sentinels. What is not shown here is the healed Phantom, D actually managed to regenerate a weapon but my Lascannon teams managed to blow it off again (yes a single heavy weapons team decapitated a phantom) The Russ squad also managed to knock a regenerated structure point back off of the Phantom.

So turn five and the Baneblade is wreked, my Russ squad is destroyed and one third of all of Dans sentinals are wiped out. But a brief glimmer of hope as my forces (previously in reserve and forgoten untill t5) make a run for an objective. The game ends with neither side holding an objective and thus ending again in a tie.

So what has this game taught us, well for one D and myself enjoy beating the crap out of each other more then we like attempting to make mad dashes for objectives. I also learned to take more artillery and not to bother with HQ choices for titan brawls. Also Easter egg, that Reaver is going to pop back up on the blog over the next few weeks.


BH Senior Editor

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