Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Attention CA Bay area gamers.

I have some good news, Bay Hammer may soon be having a place to hold sessions in the coming months if we can get enough people that is. Legends comics in Cupertino CA has offered to host and provide tables for weekly sessions provided of course that we can muster at least 5 players a session, so I reach out to those of you who may be in the area, if you are interested in coming over to Legends and enjoying some no frills, fun and friendly 40k please contact us with your name and email contact information as well as anything else you want to add. Hope to see you out there soon

Please send your emails to

Info on Legends can be seen HERE


BH Senior Editor.

We are also looking for veteran players interested in being refs, so if you think you would like to volunteer for that duty just add a note in your email.

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