Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Midnight Model Madness

I like that title and very fitting as my latest project is dun dun daaa.....a vindicare assassin, I am pretty happy with this in all told from primer to final coat I got this one done in about 4 hours and I still see it as a continual process as there are so many little bits on this model. My favorite part of this particular model is the ork skull which with a bleach white dry brush base coat over the black primer and coated with a good dark wash came out pretty decent, comments and suggestions welcome.

Up next on the block we have my Chimera fresh from it new wash treatment to smooth out(cover up) some of the rough brushing, also the rear Las mounts have been darkened and the tread covers positioned and painted, comments and suggestions welcome.


BH Senior editor

Note:I snipped that little bit of mold scrap on the right foot off.

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