Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"My eyes feel like they are gunna bleed"

Powered by the pent up energy of waiting for my Chimera for over a week(added to two cans of ace energy) I have kept up the methodical construction of the body and details and yes I did so commit the sin of painting the bolts, why did I do this, well having changed off many a utility panel in my day I can tell you that painted metal dose not stay painted when you repeatedly take an air wrench to it. So I suppose I am going for simplicity here( as well as maxing out the 250+ points available in options) I must say I am now a fair sight more contempt with the build now that I have had time to sit down and edge out the finer details but I am more then open to comments on this one, yea the paint jobs a little harsh on the body which I hope to add another layer to soon but other then that, ideas, suggestions, all are welcome, I am as they say just getting back into this.

Good painting to all

Scott aka Syxx
BH Senior Editor

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