Thursday, April 30, 2009

On Location at Game Kastle

Today BH went to one of the bays most progressive game stores, we talked with the more then friendly staff and managed to take some snaps of the game room where among other things there where a few 40k players who where kind enough to let us grab snaps of there armies. The store itself is located on the edge of Santa Clara and just a few blocks away from SJ International and boasts a huge selection of both 40k and Fantasy miniatures, but that's not all they carry by a long shot, with a huge library and many tabletop games that most people haven't even heard of (Including Robogear) they stock a wide enough variety to keep even the most picky of gamers and hobbyists well supplied, oh and did I mention there one of the only stores in the bay that officially stocks Armorcast, and not just a few packs they actively restock there inventory of scenery and bits, they where also more then happy to offer to custom order a specific set. So even if this sounds like a plug (well it is but only cause its a great store) you shouldn't miss checking this place out, especially on Mondays and Thursdays when I am told most of the 40k sessions are held. Do to requests by well her I couldn't get a staff picture but I would like to thank Samantha, Jeff and Jason for being accommodating and helpful during our visit, I would also like to thank the guys in the pit who let us take these snaps of there brilliantly crafted armies.

More from the Next table over also Eldar V Chaos
we see the next table over already in progress

Rhinos transport box home brew=brilliant
unloading, always funThe paint job on those falcons was amazing up close

Well I apologise for my camera acting up on a few of those but if you want to check them out you can click the GK icon on the sidebar to go to the official GK site and forums.

Happy Gaming

BH Senior editor


  1. I agree, Game Castle is great, I was on the phone with them today looking for some gas mask heads.

    I also like the Gator as well.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  2. its always fun to go into a hobby store that keeps an active and varied invantory and just start making my "well Ill be back when i get paid" lists, this store has just that effect on me.