Monday, April 27, 2009

The countdown Begins!

We are now in the week leading up to the May 2nd release for the new Imperial Guard codex, I myself have already ordered the new command squad and a copy of the new codex despite more then tight finances. As I wait with baited breath for the sweet new release I have also been active in searching for more content for the blog/show and for the first time I have a bit of news, The games workshop store in Oakridge mall in San Jose California has graciously been hosting Friday night "paint club"(yea its supposed to be a spin off of fight club) not only can you rub shoulders with some of the bays most experienced painters and players but you can also make use of the paint wheel selection provided by the store(responsibly) FOR FREE that's right if you come to paint club the paint is provided, the store staff is very supportive and helpful and is usually there to give pointers and answer questions. It really doesn't get much better then that what more do you need, good company,free paint, conveniently located inside a GW store if you need a brush or want to grab a blister or chat with players about your list. So if you are in the area head on over and check it out you wont be sorry.

Directions can be found here

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