Thursday, April 30, 2009

First Podcast (round 2)

Alright so a double hitter tonight, I found a webhost service that I like with an embedded player to host the podcast, now the down side, the mics have not come in yet so the audio you get is pretty raw and there some breath gaps in there cause to be honest I did this on a whim to test the service. The clip is just basically me going over my trip to GK and some long winded un scripted pauses while my mind tries to come up with the right words (I need to go grab another can of Ace Energy) so its raw, its short and its all over the place but damn its there and its a step in the general direction we are headed here.

Ok just so this post remains 40k I will share with you the recovery process for stripping plastic minis, now I know this is hotly debated all over the net but I will tell you here and now that yes brake fluid works and dose not damage your minis (unless you left them in it for maybe a day) you have to scrub and re soak a few times but it dose work.

You can see more about stripping down minis in this guide by the guys over at Santa Cruz Warhammer


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