Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bitz and Pain

For today's post I will be going over the fun process of detailing your bits, right now I am working on the panels for my chimera and I will tell you the devil is in the details. Alright I know a lot of people who do not prime there bits, this in my opinion is a mistake, you really want that base coat to get an even spread with your top coats, now in a case of the pot calling the kettle black here(that saying always sounded a bit racist to me) I in my tired state last night did not prime my vehicle bits sprue's and thus had to make my own base layers which honestly is not that hard but its a step that could go faster and save you some time. So after setting a base I went over the hatch white coat with a thin spread of black wash to smooth out the lines then added another thicker wet layer over that to give it a much more solid appearance, after that (and it was a mess layer) I went over the edging with a dry brush with bolter metal and then did the center latch in the same manner but with a thicker coat to start, after that a good thick wash was applied and a little extra towards the center edges to give it that shadowed look. The side panel was a similar process, base coat of Catachan green, wash then wet coat and when that set I went over the banner section with a few dry brushed layers of flat white Ceramcoat and then used my .003 sable to do the bolts. now why am I going over all this on just a small detail, well because I am honestly not a professional but I can cheat some of the same effects with these techniques and I hope that now some of you will take that little bit extra to move your work from game piece to model. Remember the devil is in the details.

Happy painting

BH Senior editor

first podcast test now on the page, its just a test though but you can still enjoy my soothing voice.

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