Thursday, April 30, 2009

First Podcast (round 2)

Alright so a double hitter tonight, I found a webhost service that I like with an embedded player to host the podcast, now the down side, the mics have not come in yet so the audio you get is pretty raw and there some breath gaps in there cause to be honest I did this on a whim to test the service. The clip is just basically me going over my trip to GK and some long winded un scripted pauses while my mind tries to come up with the right words (I need to go grab another can of Ace Energy) so its raw, its short and its all over the place but damn its there and its a step in the general direction we are headed here.

Ok just so this post remains 40k I will share with you the recovery process for stripping plastic minis, now I know this is hotly debated all over the net but I will tell you here and now that yes brake fluid works and dose not damage your minis (unless you left them in it for maybe a day) you have to scrub and re soak a few times but it dose work.

You can see more about stripping down minis in this guide by the guys over at Santa Cruz Warhammer

On Location at Game Kastle

Today BH went to one of the bays most progressive game stores, we talked with the more then friendly staff and managed to take some snaps of the game room where among other things there where a few 40k players who where kind enough to let us grab snaps of there armies. The store itself is located on the edge of Santa Clara and just a few blocks away from SJ International and boasts a huge selection of both 40k and Fantasy miniatures, but that's not all they carry by a long shot, with a huge library and many tabletop games that most people haven't even heard of (Including Robogear) they stock a wide enough variety to keep even the most picky of gamers and hobbyists well supplied, oh and did I mention there one of the only stores in the bay that officially stocks Armorcast, and not just a few packs they actively restock there inventory of scenery and bits, they where also more then happy to offer to custom order a specific set. So even if this sounds like a plug (well it is but only cause its a great store) you shouldn't miss checking this place out, especially on Mondays and Thursdays when I am told most of the 40k sessions are held. Do to requests by well her I couldn't get a staff picture but I would like to thank Samantha, Jeff and Jason for being accommodating and helpful during our visit, I would also like to thank the guys in the pit who let us take these snaps of there brilliantly crafted armies.

More from the Next table over also Eldar V Chaos
we see the next table over already in progress

Rhinos transport box home brew=brilliant
unloading, always funThe paint job on those falcons was amazing up close

Well I apologise for my camera acting up on a few of those but if you want to check them out you can click the GK icon on the sidebar to go to the official GK site and forums.

Happy Gaming

BH Senior editor

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bitz and Pain

For today's post I will be going over the fun process of detailing your bits, right now I am working on the panels for my chimera and I will tell you the devil is in the details. Alright I know a lot of people who do not prime there bits, this in my opinion is a mistake, you really want that base coat to get an even spread with your top coats, now in a case of the pot calling the kettle black here(that saying always sounded a bit racist to me) I in my tired state last night did not prime my vehicle bits sprue's and thus had to make my own base layers which honestly is not that hard but its a step that could go faster and save you some time. So after setting a base I went over the hatch white coat with a thin spread of black wash to smooth out the lines then added another thicker wet layer over that to give it a much more solid appearance, after that (and it was a mess layer) I went over the edging with a dry brush with bolter metal and then did the center latch in the same manner but with a thicker coat to start, after that a good thick wash was applied and a little extra towards the center edges to give it that shadowed look. The side panel was a similar process, base coat of Catachan green, wash then wet coat and when that set I went over the banner section with a few dry brushed layers of flat white Ceramcoat and then used my .003 sable to do the bolts. now why am I going over all this on just a small detail, well because I am honestly not a professional but I can cheat some of the same effects with these techniques and I hope that now some of you will take that little bit extra to move your work from game piece to model. Remember the devil is in the details.

Happy painting

BH Senior editor

first podcast test now on the page, its just a test though but you can still enjoy my soothing voice.

Midnight Model Madness

I like that title and very fitting as my latest project is dun dun daaa.....a vindicare assassin, I am pretty happy with this in all told from primer to final coat I got this one done in about 4 hours and I still see it as a continual process as there are so many little bits on this model. My favorite part of this particular model is the ork skull which with a bleach white dry brush base coat over the black primer and coated with a good dark wash came out pretty decent, comments and suggestions welcome.

Up next on the block we have my Chimera fresh from it new wash treatment to smooth out(cover up) some of the rough brushing, also the rear Las mounts have been darkened and the tread covers positioned and painted, comments and suggestions welcome.


BH Senior editor

Note:I snipped that little bit of mold scrap on the right foot off.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Attention CA Bay area gamers.

I have some good news, Bay Hammer may soon be having a place to hold sessions in the coming months if we can get enough people that is. Legends comics in Cupertino CA has offered to host and provide tables for weekly sessions provided of course that we can muster at least 5 players a session, so I reach out to those of you who may be in the area, if you are interested in coming over to Legends and enjoying some no frills, fun and friendly 40k please contact us with your name and email contact information as well as anything else you want to add. Hope to see you out there soon

Please send your emails to

Info on Legends can be seen HERE


BH Senior Editor.

We are also looking for veteran players interested in being refs, so if you think you would like to volunteer for that duty just add a note in your email.

"My eyes feel like they are gunna bleed"

Powered by the pent up energy of waiting for my Chimera for over a week(added to two cans of ace energy) I have kept up the methodical construction of the body and details and yes I did so commit the sin of painting the bolts, why did I do this, well having changed off many a utility panel in my day I can tell you that painted metal dose not stay painted when you repeatedly take an air wrench to it. So I suppose I am going for simplicity here( as well as maxing out the 250+ points available in options) I must say I am now a fair sight more contempt with the build now that I have had time to sit down and edge out the finer details but I am more then open to comments on this one, yea the paint jobs a little harsh on the body which I hope to add another layer to soon but other then that, ideas, suggestions, all are welcome, I am as they say just getting back into this.

Good painting to all

Scott aka Syxx
BH Senior Editor

Monday, April 27, 2009

More good news

So two things, first my Chimera came in the mail today and after lazing about I finlay got around to assembling and priming the frame and starting the grueling process of painting without an airbrush(I am not made of money not yet anyways) to be honest I could be happier with it but really my skills in the small things so in the end I think ill pull through with something passable.
Next up I would like to announce and give a shout out to the FTW blog group who as of this afternoon have accepted us into the fold, thank you Ron for the quick response and hefty support on your end. So with that done I can hope the site will get a little more attention in the coming weeks, also before I splatter the page with another glorious snapshot of my work table I would like to say hello to our friends over the hill at Santa Cruz Warhammer hope to hear from you guys soon and its good to know I am not the only line cast in this pond.

The countdown Begins!

We are now in the week leading up to the May 2nd release for the new Imperial Guard codex, I myself have already ordered the new command squad and a copy of the new codex despite more then tight finances. As I wait with baited breath for the sweet new release I have also been active in searching for more content for the blog/show and for the first time I have a bit of news, The games workshop store in Oakridge mall in San Jose California has graciously been hosting Friday night "paint club"(yea its supposed to be a spin off of fight club) not only can you rub shoulders with some of the bays most experienced painters and players but you can also make use of the paint wheel selection provided by the store(responsibly) FOR FREE that's right if you come to paint club the paint is provided, the store staff is very supportive and helpful and is usually there to give pointers and answer questions. It really doesn't get much better then that what more do you need, good company,free paint, conveniently located inside a GW store if you need a brush or want to grab a blister or chat with players about your list. So if you are in the area head on over and check it out you wont be sorry.

Directions can be found here

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The List

Alright so I went out to my local hobby shop today to genraly stalk and chat with the more then awsome staff about my plans for the blog/webcast and if they might be on board for some sponsorship in future, well things are a long way off but for now Ill outline what the rundown is as far as getting everything set up.

Recording set up: 10%
Hosts: 50%

Alright so now you know the order of things and about how far along we are here, for now most of the focus will be on the blog and any upcomming events I can drum up. So for now if you are reading the blog thanks for checking us out in the developing stages here and I hope that you will come back when we have everything up and running.



New Name new look

Hey all you soon to be listeners and watchers welcome to Bay Hammer the Bay Areas up and comming Warhammer and Warhammer 40k(mostly 40k maybe I will grab a square baser from time to time) info source and eventualy the bays and California's first 40k webcast devoted entirely to local events, my own work, and games workshop news in genral. I would like to take this time to thank the crew over at 40k radio for inspiring me enough to get off my A$$ and start this project, cheers guys.

so whilst I go through the long process of working out all the odds and ends of becoming a local media source I will update you on the long trek that is building a new army cause that is exactly what I am doing, and yes it is guard.
for now enjoy my workspace